Riding Lesson Objectives


      1.  Relaxed seat

A. Balance

B. Security

C. Confidence

(Improved with exercise)


2. Starting, Stopping, and Turning

A. Emergency Stop

B. Emergency Dismount

C. Cones

D. Games that reinforce bending


3. Jogging and Trotting

A. Posting

B. Diagonals

C. Games

D. Consistency

E. Leg Bending


4. Bareback

B. Jogging

C. Posting


5. Patterns and Figures

A. Barrels

B. Pole Bending

C. Figure Eights

D. Serpentines

E. Obstacle Courses

F. Texas Barrels


6. Beginning Huntseat

A. Two-Point

B. Crest Release

C. Cross Rails

D. 2’ Jumps


7. Trail Riding

A. Safety

B. Creeks and Water

C. Hills



8. Cantering and Loping

A. Correct Leads

B. Foot Falls

C. Aids


9. Showmanship

A. Leading

B. Quadrants

C. Turns


10. Horse Safety

A. Grooming

B. Leg Wrapping

C. Feeding

D. Hoof Care

E. Horse Parts


11. Tack Care and Use

A. Saddling

B. Bridling

C. Other